Q) Do you build custom instruments?

A) Absolutely. On any order the buyer can select from different options for wood species, inlay materials, binding, tuners, nut width, fingerboard details (species, radius and position markers) and finish. 

Q) What got you into making instruments?

A) Several things: a love of music, twenty-five years of manufacturing wood products, a shop full of machinery, and a recession.

Q) Do you use hide glue? If you don’t it will affect the tone.

A) I use several types of glue—including hide glue—depending on what I am gluing. With tight joinery the thickness of the glue in a joint is minimal, so the energy loss at the joint is negligible. 

Q) Do you make those instruments from kits?

A) I absolutely do not. With the exception of the F5 mandolins and dreadnoughts, all my instruments are my own designs. I’m not sure where I would get the “kits” to build them.


Q) I see you are missing a finger. What happened to it?

A) It’s a minor casualty from too many years in the millwork business.