Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What got you into making instruments?
A) Several things: a love of music, twenty-five years of manufacturing wood products, a shop full of machinery, and a recession.

Q) Do you use hide glue? If you don’t it will affect the tone.
A) I use several types of glue—including hide glue—depending
on what I am gluing. And glue doesn’t affect tone, bad workmanship does.

Q) What happened to your finger?
A) Which one?

Q) Do you make those instruments from kits?
A) I will give you the benefit of doubt and assume you did not intend
to insult me. The answer is: I absolutely do not.

Q) I see you are missing a finger. What happened to it?
A) I count ten. I’m not sure I understand the question.

Q) So, do you order parts from China and put them together?
A) Are you serious?