MerleFest 2017

Due to the recent passing of my father and some associated time constraints, we are unable to participate in MerleFest 2017. We send our best wishes to MerleFest and to all who attend for a successful 30th Anniversary. We hope to see you in 2018!

Mike Nunnally

Farewell to My Father

Yesterday we said “goodbye” to my father, Dr. Nelson R. Nunnally. Three weeks ago he was scheduled for a toe amputation. Yesterday we made the decision to remove him from life support. It is amazing how quickly and unexpectedly life changes.

My father loved country and bluegrass music. It was ever-present throughout my childhood, whether it was blaring from the car’s AM radio, or from the living room stereo. He loved Roy Clark, George Jones, Willie Nelson, The Statler Brothers, Bill Monroe, Ricky Skaggs, and countless others. He had a particular fondness for Earl Scruggs, so much so, that he bought a banjo and a Mel Bay book and set out to learn to play it. Night after night he practiced. After several years, he still had not made it through the first two measures of Cripple Creek, so as he put it, he “finally quit kidding” himself, and sold his banjo.

Nelson was a retired university professor of geomorphology. He was a pioneer in the field of satellite imagery. His work in remote sensing was internationally recognized, and he served as a consultant to NASA during the Mercury space program. His expertise in flood control kept him in demand as a consultant, with an emphasis on the Mississippi River.

My father had a gift for making difficult, complex scientific concepts understandable and applicable. He often used two of his passions – golf and cooking – to explain physics and chemistry, instilling in me a lifelong fascination with science and physics. It is because of this that my instruments exist today.

So farewell to my dad; he was one of a kind and a true original. We will miss him.

~ Mike Nunnally
March 28, 2017